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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Naughty Little Girls

OK, so as I'm trying to put some videos on this here blog today I noticed that it was suspiciously quiet in the back of the house where Brooklyn and Maggie were playing. This cannot be good. Unfortunately my sweet little Brooklyn has become quite a sneaky, and seriously naughty thing as of late. She closes the door if she wants some "privacy" (and this is not just to poop, although she refuses to be anywhere but her own room, or some other private spot for that as well--I'm telling you, I'm never going to get this girl to poop on the potty. She just cannot relax enough! But seriously, I'm off on a tangent now). She will close the door to her room and pull out every single wet wipe from the package to wash her face, her body, her door, her books, her name it - they're squeaky clean now! She will pull all the earrings off the card they're on (losing them frequently). She will go into the bathroom, shut the door and do who knows what with the water getting herself, the bathroom, the toilet paper, pretty much everything soaked. She's recently decided the toilet cleaning brush is quite interesting and is sure she cannot live until she's cleaned the toilet properly with it. So I have to keep taking it out of her hands and telling her how disgusting it is. Apparently she didn't believe me.
This brings us back to the suspicious quietness of my house. When there's quiet, there is sure to be mischief brewing. So, I quickly jumped up and ran to her room (which is where she and Maggie were last spotted, playing nicely with the toys and books). Obviously they were MIA. I checked the kid's bathroom. No luck. This made me quite nervous because if she goes into my room there are all kinds of things she's found lately to tamper with (my expensive makeup being her favorite...grrrr!) Alas, there they were. Two partners in crime. Not in my room. No no no, that would have been too easy. No, they were in the bathroom. Guess what Brooklyn was doing? She was cleaning the toilet with that disgusting toilet brush I had been warning her about for days. But not only was she cleaning the toilet...apparently she was giving Maggie and the floor a thorough cleaning, too, because there was toilet water EVERYWHERE, and Maggie was literally drenched from head to toe. Happy as a clam sitting next to the toilet watching her hero Brooklyn scour out all the little nasties that like to hide in the bowl.
Did your throw up in your mouth a little, too? Because I did. First I screamed (yes, literally--and I think it scared those cleaning ladies a tad), then I grabbed the brush, put it away and assessed the situation. My floor was drenched, and unfortunately both of their binkies were swimming in the pool of toity water on the floor. I promptly scooped up Maggie and the binkies and told Brooklyn to strip down while I ran a bath.
Unfortunately (due to the fact that I'm new to this blogging stuff, I'm sure) I forgot to capture the moment on camera. However, I did the next best thing. I caught the two little criminals on camera in the bath. (They really were cute and I couldn't resist). So here are some shots of the world's (now) cleanest bathroom ladies. Brooklyn and Maggie--partners in crime!


Allyson & Jere said...

Very cute pics indeed. I showed Maggie the pics, she pointed and gooed at herself. I'm glad you've shared the story and pics for posterity. Ok, you've figured out way more how to be clever on the blog than me. Sheesh!

Tara LaRue said...

I'm still chuckling - GREAT STORY!

Kathy C said...

JENNY!!! I found your blog through my cousin's blog. You have a cute family! We need to catch up!
~Kathy (Rogers)

Greg and Tammy said...

Cute naked shots of the girls! Fun that your boys got to the MCC workshop!! So CUTE!! And sorry about that insomnia... I couldn't sleep when I got super sick a few years ago and it was literally HELL. I am really sorry. Seriously sucks. Hope you had fun in Greer!