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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can we say competitive?? Allyson beat my last typing by getting 110 wpm.  Apparently Adam has beaten us all by getting 117, but-------------I just got my all time high!! ONE FOURTEEN EVERYBODY!!  (I certainly don't have time for this, but it's addicting I tell ya.  And seriously, the perfect thing to do 20 minutes before church starts, right??)  Here it is:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am the CHAMPION!!!

OH yea...that's right!  I told Allyson I'd beat her score, and by dang, I DID!!!  Read 'em and weep sistuh!  1-0-5!!!  (I guess I'm a rotten winner, aren't I? )  But I am quite pleased with this. :)

I'm almost totally unique!!

So, apparently there are only 2 of me in the US...pretty cool!  (Although there were more than 100,000 people named Jenny).  I wonder who my twin is??
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people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

On the Handbag Wagon!

Alright, so I'm a sucker for cute bags, too!  I get 25 entries to win a free bag for posting this, so here goes!  Go to this site and sign up to win your own bag at:  

Monday, October 6, 2008


So...remember that post I just BARELY posted about my son winning the Vice-Presidency?  Um...yea.  Disregard that.  He has officially been "removed" from the position for too many reasons to elaborate on here.  Suffice it to say, the last major infraction was being dumb enough to take the knife he got from scouts to school, put it in his desk, and then show people.  I'm rescinding any previously made comments on my son's brilliance, because apparently he's none too smart when it comes to the ol' common sense.  He's just lucky he wasn't suspended (and so am I...cause then what do I do with him?)  It's been a ROUGH year so far, and it seems that almost nothing we're doing is getting through yet.  I've lost more sleep and cried more tears over this child than I should have in his short (10 year) life.  And even more in the last few months than ever.  We're doing all we can--medication, counseling, talking/teaching, we switched him to a different class, he's meeting regularly with the bishop (yep...he's only 10, but his offenses are serious enough to warrant some theological help), and he and I are getting up at 5:00 every morning to pray and read talks from with each other.  (Please don't think I'm that great for getting up with him early...if we had been better at scripture and prayer as a family all along I think a lot of this would've been better than it is).  The getting up at 5 is my favorite thing, though.  Don't get me's hard! But I have gotten so much out of it!  I am LOVING reading from the modern day prophets and apostles, and the words we're reading have helped me so much.  (We're on our 4th week of getting up every morning, and I'm quite excited to say that we haven't missed once!)

Unfortunately, I'm feeling like nothing is working with Cooper.  The first week there was amazing "change" it looked like.  But it has started to feel like still a lot of the same, and it is so frustrating!  My principal (also in my bishopric) keeps telling me it's a marathon, not a sprint, and I get that.  But it is so hard when you feel like you're doing all you can and nothing is working.  And it's your child whose life is in question.  It breaks my heart.  But I guess I was sent this child to help me learn patience, LONG-SUFFERING, and love and acceptance for challenging children.  I know that I'm learning a lot.  But it is hard.

One of the hardest things is how people judge me as a parent (or how I think they're judging me) when he acts like such a jerk, or is dishonest or disobedient or mean or whatever he does.  I have to believe that someday he'll get there, though, and that people who know us know what we're dealing with. 

Anyway...didn't mean for this to be a "boo-hoo" post, but it kind of sounds like it is.  Sorry!  Any of you with ADHD/ODD/OCD kids out there---I feel your pain! But I do think someday they'll be the leaders they have the potential to be! (If we can keep them on the straight & narrow, that is.......)