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Sunday, November 23, 2008


K, so here's the deal-i-o. I have SO much to blog about, but I just can't get motivated to do it (or to upload the pictures), so I'm just gonna give you the quick low-down.

A) I DIDN'T (thankfully) break my toe. Turns out it was dislocated (though it hurt like a break). I found that out when I accidentally stretched my toes, felt the POP (and it HURT), and the next day I could move it. It was puprle for another week, but doing fine.

B) The Saturday projects continue. Again, I was LAME to not get a before picture of the yard, but we've already spent 2 Saturdays on it, and it's still not done (that should give you an idea of the enormity of this job). We cleaned up all the "crap" (literally), we raked up all the dead mile high weeds, (filling up about 8 GIANT black bags in the process), then Troy tilled the yard and spray painted where the border will go, and next week we put in the sod. Oh yea, he also fixed the sprinklers which was the real problem in the first place. We even sectioned off a part for a garden (next project = scared).

C) I pulled off the elementary school 4-6 grade choir concert. (I direct it with the music teacher at school). It was Tuesday, and let's just say I'm glad it's over! I learned a lot. :)

D) I just returned from 5 days in San Antonio, TX where I went to attend a teacher's convention with 10 other teachers and the principal from my school. I had a BLAST! But San Antonio? I don't recommend it to anyone. It was just plain ugly. Not much to do. The Riverwalk is cool, I guess, but if you want to experience something like it, just go to the Tempe Town Lake and walk around. Done. The Alamo was neat also, but nothing super awe-inspiring or anything. At least not for me. The fun was hanging out with the people there--that was GREAT! I also enjoyed going to the classes and getting LOTS of free books (cuz you can NEVER have too many books!)

E) Saw Twilight. I liked it...but then the more I thought about it, the more things I didn't like about it. I hated Edward. His make up looked like the joker (seriously, who was on hair and make up in this thing??) I liked Bella, and I LOVED the high school friends. They were perfect and hilarious. I just think Edward was too skinny and small, and he also was TOO tortured (even though I know he's tortured in the book). It was too much. Bad acting. There were parts and times where I thought he was sexy, but the black eyeliner and eyebrows and WHITE face and dark red lips were over the top. I thought Jacob looked weird. I think they did all the important scenes from the book, and I overall liked it...but there were a lot of little things that were just weird--like the scene in the woods. Just laying on the grass? Seriously, what was that all about? Also, the timeline didn't seem believable at all--she's already so in love with him right away, and if I hadn't read the books I wouldn't think that was believeable at all! I knew the story and had read the whole thing unfold, but in the movie it felt like it all happened in about a day, not a whole school year. Just not enough depth. What did anyone else think? So my initial feeling was thumbs feeling now? Thumb in the middle. Not totally bad, definitely not totally great. I'm sure I'll still buy it though...


ZippityDoDaw said...

I want to see the hard labor pictures, people sweating, boys looking sad and pathetic!!! Still, the description makes it clear this is quite the project, you go girl! I can't believe it was that long of a teacher's conference, too bad it wasn't in San Diego or Hawaii! (Why not dream big right?!)

Smith Family said...

I'm glad your toe is better! Check you guys out and your hard work on your yard! That's awesome! Yay for pulling off the concert! I'm sure you're glad that's done! So you got to go to NCTC! I've got fun memories of Nashville! How did you get so lucky to get to go again! I'm going to Twilight this weekend. I've heard mixed reviews too. I'll let you know what I think.

Amanda said...

I liked Twilight for the most part. The casting was off for me. I didn't mind Edward but Jasper looked like a clown & Carlisle had so much makeup on his face looked like a cake. I didn't think he was that cute either. I didn't think Rosalie was that pretty but I liked Bella, Esme & Alice. I thought the baseball scene was weird with the confrontation at the end. It didn't seem stressful enough and the way they were crouching almost made me laugh. It did seem like most of the movie was just "going through the motions" for me. LJ wants to see it and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Amanda said...

O yea....I was WAY disappointed in Belle's song! It was not beautiful at all, it sounded so basic like something a kid came up with. As I'm sitting there I thought, "William could have written something so much better!" (the girls piano teacher).

Nikki said...

I liked the movie, and I liked Edward. Bella was ok, some of her acting wasn't that believable. Some of those flying scenes were cheesy. and I kinda agree with, it did feel like it was all in one day. But overall it is good enough for me to buy it when it comes out.

Greg and Tammy said...

I've heard the same things from other people about Edward...

Hey, could I get your mailing address for Christmas card purposes?


johnson six said...

I guess I am the opposite, I loved the movie, I've seen it three times already. I wasn't really excited about Robert Pattinson to begin with, but was pleasantly surprised and really liked him in the movie. The lips were a little much, but he did sexy well. I also liked the movie better than the book, because I didn't have to listen to the author ramble on and on with the same dumb phrasings "his eyes were like topaz and his face was like stone" over and over and " my head was spinning" over and over, I really wanted to send the poor girl a thesaurus! She is not the greatest writer. I loved all the casting except Rosalie. And as for the scene in the meadow, It is exactly like the book and I thought it was sweet and they were falling in love there for sure. Loved Bella, perfect casting, and loved the baseball scene and bedroom scene. As for the music, Bella's song wasn't my favorite at first, but it has grown on me, I have the whole soundtrack on my ipod and I LOVE it.

Sarah S. Foote said...

I honestly, I felt the same about the movie as I did about the book. It's a great story very entertaining and yet oddly focused. The beginning was slow.

Good things about the movie: Charlie was funnier then I expected.
Bella looks great, had a mildly irritating voice.
Loved the Oregon Views.

I think it's awesome that you got to go to that conference. A friend of mine has gone to the last 3 and she was telling me how neat the are. (Mostly for the girls nights out).

Brandi said...

Hey Jenny!! I was playing around and found your blog, I can never get over how big your boys are! Every time I see them I think that.. :D Looks like you guys are doing well. And it's probably better than I don't get started on Twilight... I may never stop!! Just look at my blog and you'll see why!! :P I'm slightly obsessed and totally smitten with Robert Pattinson. It's bad... It's really bad!! :)