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Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Crandell Project

Alright, so as you know we've been working on being a better family in all ways.  First was finally getting a good routine of reading scriptures and praying as a family.  Check.  Next is trying to get our boys to be more responsible--having a chore chart and a way to earn "Crandell cash" which can convert into real dollars to be used as desired (after putting 10% into tithing and 10% into savings). Check. (Well, in theory it's happening, they're just still not great at it at all).  Finally, we want our kids (and ourselves) to be more hardworking and full of service.  However, before we should bust out the service for others, we figured we needed to first tackle some serious projects at our own house.  We felt that working together as a family was what we were lacking and would help us be a better, stronger family.  Trust me, we have a list of project ideas a mile long.  We spent a whole FHE coming up with what projects we will start tackling on our "Project Saturdays."  (That's more sleeping in, reading/watching TV/playing video games on the weekends.  It's work time!!)  Here is our list:
1) Clean up the back yard and plant grass (if you've ever seen our yard, you'll understand that this in itself is probably the biggest project around.  If you haven't seen it, count yourself blessed).
2) Clean out the garage (again...WOW.  Need I say more?)
3) Pass off scout requirements
4) Do piano flashcards 
5) Pick up trash
6) Organize things in the house, such as: bookshelves, clothing, toys, shelves, computer desks, videos/DVDs
7) Paint: family room/kitchen, curtain rods
8) Plant flowers in our front yard
9) Plant a garden

Now some of you may look at those as some extremely lofty goals.  And you'd be right.  But, since we are taking the prophet's counsel to heart, we are going for it.  We started this Saturday. I'm so sad that I don't have a before picture--because we couldn't even WALK in our garage it was so full of crap.  We were really trying to be able to park in the garage, but since we have a retardedly tiny garage, we still can't. doesn't matter because we can WALK in there now!!  I can get to my freezer with ease, I know where all of our camping supplies are.  I've put all of Brooklyn's old clothes (6 TUBS FULL) into those space saver bags (which I don't think are that great, BTW), and I can get to our food storage.  So...3 photos for your viewing pleasure.  I realize the right side of the garage is still full of stuff, but at least it is organized. Enjoy!
In our cleaning frenzy I also organized all of our videos and DVDs and the bookshelf in the front room.  I was on FIRE!  Next Saturday?  The backyard begins...


ZippityDoDaw said...

UnReal, That was a cranking Saturday Project. If only we could have an entire week of Saturdays, imagine what could be accomplished!

LanaBanana said...

Geez, that is a major transformation of the garage!!! I'm impressed. Saturday projects sound like such a nice idea--maybe someday when I stop working on Saturdays we'll get things done like you guys are!! PS--Space Saver bags are a lying scam. They don't stay small, they puff back up. Lies.

The Swiatkowskis said...

I love the idea of having family projects. My house could definitely use some "projecting"- or however you would say it!! The garage looks great. Wish mine was that organized.