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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day One of My New Life...

OK, so it's official. My traithalon training has begun.  I woke up bright and early at 9:30 :) and set off to do my 19 minute run. Dixie has created a schedule for me for every single day of training for the next 4 1/2 months until the May 9th triathalon. I get Wednesdays and Sundays off (for my Young Women calling, and for the Sabbath). 

I thought 19 minutes would be fine. Just so you know, the run scares me the very most.  I'm a pretty good swimmer, and I've been doing the biking classes at the gym for a while now, so those 2 don't scare me too much. (However, combining them all together is much different than just doing them by themselves...and it terrifies me a bit right now).  

I started my ipod, stretched, and then left the comfort of my front room. All I could feel for the first few minutes was my butt (and every other place with fat on me) jiggling. Embarrassing. I was sure that everyone (all 2 cars that were out and about) could see my jiggliness, and I was mortified. I decided to just ignore it. After 2 minutes I was ready for my first "interval training" so I walked for 2 minutes. :) Yea, I have a ways to go!

This was how it went: Run for 2, walk for 2, run for 3, walk for 2, run for 4, walk for 3, run for 3, then I walked all the way home. So I actually did more than my 19 minutes... Seriously, though--it felt good! I know I will be so much better in 4 1/2 months, and I can't wait to see those results, but I was proud of myself for being on schedule and getting my new life started. 

Tomorrow I swim for 24 minutes, and Saturday I bike for 48 minutes. I'll probably just do the bike class at the gym, which is actually 60! :) Starting Monday I will be doing both swimming and running in the same day...yikes! 

Happy New Year to me!


Jason and Kate said...

Way to go! I'll be training for one soon (as soon as I get clearance from Doc and get adjusted to baby life!). Which tri are you doing? Good luck!

Allyson & Jere said...

GOOD for you Jenny, I'm proud! I will dutifully start on Monday, don't you worry.

LanaBanana said...

Whew, I just read them all. I will just post here however. :) Good for you for getting them things that were on their Christmas wishlists. :) Tatum's wish list items were a bit ridiculous...a TUBA...wha? Anyway, love the idea of getting them involved in making gifts for each other. Finally, yeah for you and your new triathlon training program! One day at a time, huh?! :)

Jeni's thoughts said...

Jenny I just got your christmas card! what a cute family. Im excited to keep up with your life now on your blog! mines
Jeni Romney

Smith Family said...

Good for you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Christmas card and letter! That's the most creative letter I've read! It was so fun to read! Tell Carter I'm so proud of him with ELP and the Spelling Bee! Sure love that guy! I love your family pictures! I wanted to use that Christmas card but it didn't work with our pictures. I love it! I think I've said "love" enough!

Anonymous said...

Jenny Wren
You are AMAZING!!!!! How do you do it all? I have one child, I work 3 days a week, and I am finishing wound nurse school and I am MAXED out! I loved your christmas card. You are so talented and creative. I am excited to keep in touch with you via blog and e mail. (now that I know how to use e mail!) We don't have internet at home so I will keep in touch between patients at work. I dont have time for my own blog, but I love yours!
Keep in touch- in all your spare time!
Rachelle Spurlin