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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You, MLK!

So, I just want to publicly thank MLK for all he did for us. I realize he was a great man who helped bring about civil rights for all...but I really just want to thank him for giving us a holiday! :) Seriously, I so needed Monday off. I got through all my mail (piled to the ceiling) paid my bills, started laundry, straightened up the house, and got water and milk (which we were in desperate need of) all before 12:00.
After 12 we decided it was a family day, and doggone it, we wanted to spend it together doing something fun! We were going to try out the Wildlife World Zoo...but it's so far away and closes rather early, so by the time we were ready it was not an option. Then we thought we'd take the lightrail to Phoenix and check out the science museum. (They do have a Star Trek exhibit there right now. I mean, come on, how cool is that?? :) But, again, with the time--it wasn't going to be worth the money and effort. So...we searched through our coupon book and found: 50% off for up to 4 people at As You Wish!

We've been wanting to try this out for a while, because my brother Eric and his family swear by it. It's a bit pricey, so we thought it would be worth it since we had the coupon. Well, it turns out it was a BLAST! Everyone had a great time (including Troy, which is weird, cuz he usually only wants to go to dinner and a movie. Ever.) But, he really loved it.
Brooklyn painted a little flower. Well, she painted it all different colors and had a wonderful time. I'm not sure what it will look like when we get it back, but she was happy! Cooper and Carter both chose different fish, Troy chose a shark (which he embellished with "blood" all over the teeth. Nice.), and I chose a cup that I could use at school for pencils/scissors/etc.

The painting and being creative was really quite satisfying, I must say! I don't know that any of us will win awards for our artsy-ness, but who cares?? There was no fighting or arguing or complaining for a whole hour, and we left there feeling good about what we'd accomplished. We also left there a LOT lighter in the wallet, because that 50% off for up to 4 people? That's just on the time spent painting, not the it still cost us $80! But it was worth it!
Just look at our faces: What fun! (Well, don't look too closely at mine. I look terrible and old, but whatever).

After our fun time at As You Wish, we went to the store to buy Cooper hiking boots for 5th grade science camp that's coming up in 2 weeks (Yep, I'm a teacher of 5th graders, and this year he gets to come with me!) We actually had to go to 3 different stores, and Troy was a great sport about it.

We then went to Mi Amigo's for dinner, which turned out to be delicious! I've never been there before, but I'm sure I will be going again. After dinner, though, was my very favorite part of the day. We went to the park by our house because Brooklyn had been begging all day. I thought we'd stop for a while and just push her on the swings and be done, but thankfully I was wrong.

First, TROY GOT ON THE SWINGS (yep, weird, huh??) and I pushed Brooklyn while the boys ran around. Then I got on the swings for a while. After that, somehow, we all started playing tag and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Troy was carrying Brooklyn around and we were all running around chasing each other, or running away from each other, having a blast! After a while, Brooklyn got down and was totally part of the action. I'd say we played tag for about 20 minutes or more. We laughed so hard, and really had the best time ever. I don't think we've ever done that before, but I can bet you we will be doing it again. (However, any of you who have had kids will know what I'm sure you go potty before running around and laughing with your kids...yep, motherhood has its sacrifices and it's blessings, for sure. The bladder issues? Not a blessing!) :)

The payoff? My boys were happy and helpful the rest of the night, and when my sister Allyson asked them about Monday Carter said: "Monday? That was probably the best day of my life!" And he meant it. Isn't it crazy? Just a little together time goes such a long way. I love my kids, and right now...I love Martin Luther King, Jr. for bringing us closer to each other. Thanks MLK!
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ZippityDoDaw said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Loved that post!!! Now I have to take little Brian there he would be thrilled! Way to go being so productive and then having the ultimate family day. Seriously. No wonder by Thursday you were exhausted you squeezed a week into a day :) Hopefully more stealth fitness will help cure the joyous postchildbearing gripes...

Sarah S. Foote said...

I want to be one of your kids. Sounds like a great day. Also your family picture are beautiful!

Dana said...

You forgot to mention that trotted right on over to the gym and worked your bottie off on the bike AND in the pool. Whew! MLK would have been proud!

Dixiechick said...

We had a day at the park like that a little while ago...the spontaneous tag is really fun. It's one of those things that just sort of has to happen. My counselor told me that all kids love their parents but often they don't "like" them. He told me if I would just spend at least 20 minutes a day they would like me too and that it would make the relationship with them the rest of the time you explained, they were more helpful and happy, etc. It's definitely true. When I put in some time with them, I definitely get it back 10 fold. So why then is it hard for me to do all the time? Slow learner I guess. :)

LanaBanana said...

That was a really sweet post. :) Love days like that. I love Carter's response..."best day of my life". So cute. Good for you guys for making some really fun memories for them. YEAH!!

Allyson & Jere said...

Well hooray, that's what a school holiday should be like. I'm so glad that you all had such a fun time. Good thing I'm such a working out diva, someday I'll be able to play tag with my kids too. haha