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Saturday, January 24, 2009

As You Wish...The Results

So, here you have it! The results of our hard working MLK day at As You Wish. I was actually quite pleased with mine. I'm going to take it to school to show it off properly. :) Troy loved his (notice the blood on the front of the shark's mouth? Nice touch, babe). Cooper wasn't totally pleased with his (not surprisingly), but didn't complain too much. Surprisingly it was Carter who was unhappy with his because he didn't feel like he painted it well enough. I think it looks great! He's currently keeping change in its mouth. Brooklyn was thrilled with her poo-green colored flower. Yep, when you mix all the colors, that's what you get! It's the most beautiful flower ever! She's taking a nap with it right now...

On a totally unrelated note, I took Brooklyn to run errands with me this afternoon, and can we just say TRAUMATIC?? Ya, first we went to Sport's Authority to buy compasses for science camp. After I paid and was ready to leave she was NOWHERE to be found. Nowhere. I searched that store up and down, yelling her name, had her paged a couple times, had a worker helping me look. I finally panicked so much I called Troy to tell him I'd lost our child and could he come help me look, and that's when I found the weights section in the very farthest corner of the store. Hiding from me. With a big smile on her face. Thinking this was cute, and funny, and a really great game. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I was NOT happy. Got my adrenaline pumping for sure. I gave her a good talking to and hugged her tight and spanked her bum, and then we headed off to our next store.

"I stay right by you right Mommy?" she says. "Yes you do. RIGHT by me. Hold my hand." Second store, success! We picked up our As You Wish items, and as we were leaving I saw the 90% clearance sale at Bath and Body and remembered that I HAD to stop there. I stock up every year at this amazing event. So, we stop. As soon as we walk in, what does Brooklyn do? She picks up a large candle and drops it, shattering glass all over the floor! YEP...she did. I'm embarrassed and offer to pay for it, blah blah. They tell me not to worry about it. I keep a much closer eye on Brooklyn. But at this point she is 1) tired, and 2) in heaven because it's all this yummy smelling girl stuff that she HAS to touch and smell! I keep telling her no. I grab her hand. She starts throwing fits. Lots of them. I finally decide, "trip over, let's pay." But the line? LONG, of course. I have to end up holding her (building muscles the whole time because of serious fit throwing and body clenching she's doing) while in line, the whole time listening to her scream and watching people watch me.

We finally make it to the line and to try and get her to shut the H up at this point I ask her if she wants to help hand the lotions to the lady. She of course does. But she basically just throws every single one at her. Luckily, everyone was nice, but I was very happy to get her out of there and back home for her nap. So that picture you see of her holding the flower? She's still ticked about having to go to bed and was STILL throwing fits. Which tells me she definitely needed the nap.

Moral of the story? DON'T take Brooklyn to stores with me EVER AGAIN!!! Or at least not if she hasn't napped...
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Allyson & Jere said...

Annnnnnnnnd, welcome to my daily life. Well ok, she;s really noy ever quite that bad, must have been a special combo for her to be so pooey. Sorry it sucked. On the other hand....that pic of her was quite funny.

Smith Family said...

Sorry for your awful day with Brooklyn! Reminds me of another recent post :) It always seems like she's worse when I try to pack in several errands. But how are we ever supposed to get anything done if we don't do that!?

Geoff and Emily said...

I totally feel your pain, Jenny! I have a four year old (almost five, even!) who STILL does this kind of stuff on a regular basis, only now my two year old is doing it with her because she wants to be like her older sister. I feel like I am going to die if I have to take them anywhere with me! I usually wait until Geoff gets home from studying at 11:00 at night before I ever go to a store. I guess you just have to laugh, 'cause one day they'll have kids of their own! Wuah ha ha!!! (that's my evil laugh, can you tell?) Good job with the craftiness and family togetherness, by the way! Very cute!

Dana said...

Okay my favorite part of this post (after I got over the out loud laugh of Brooklyn shattering the candle) was Troy proudly displaying his hand painted shark. Awesome. :)

ZippityDoDaw said...

Seriously the bloody shark did me in! How can you not love any of the little painted masterpeices?!!! I thought yours would be a great treat holder, pencil holder etc. You rocked that out!

Oh yes, nothig like children melting down at the store, freaking us out when they run away...Oh aren't we just so lucky that we get to learn so many valuable lessons!

Let's recap:
No taking small children to too many stores.

Mom deserves a day at the spa.

There should be an express lane for parents with small children.

Why stare as children freak out..good crap just let us check out already!!!

See your rocking new muscles tonight! :)

Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

The crafts are WAY cute!! Good Job!

Kathy C said...

I hope you got to go to bed EARLY! I just love those days... not! It was fun hearing from you. I hope you're doing well!

The Driggs said...

You are not alone in the stalking world! I love this story about Brooklyn. My worst nightmare would be to lose a child so I can imagine how that moment felt. The other stories of the day sound way too familiar for me. And I love that you added the fact that you were building muscles during the fit! You could call it, "Getting Fit from a Fit!" Everytime I take my kids to the store I remember all too clearly that the last time I took them to the store I vowed that I never would again.

Okay, so I noticed you read a lot of books. I am needing a recommendation. I have read all the Twilights (who hasn't) and am almost done with These is My Words. What would you recommend?

Smith Family said...

I would love to make you one! Let me know what colors to match her room or bathroom. Maybe email me a picture of her bedding or the shower curtain or something. I don't know how much it would cost with the board, paint, and ribbon. Let me know! Thanks for the tips regarding Facebook!