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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Body Hates Me

OK, so it's official. I've decided my body has it in for me. I know, I know. It's my own fault. I've abused it for too long by filling it up with junk food and garbage. But still! You'd think that it would thank me for trying to fix that, and for trying to make it more healthy with exercise all the time. Nope. It hates me. 

I suppose it's just gotten used to all that extra fat, and it's become attached to it emotionally. I don't know. But I do know that it's TICKING me off!! I mean, come on. I have been diligently working out 5 days a week for 6 weeks whilst training for this triathalon. I have been a trooper on these fitness/food challenges that Dixie has been throwing at me (no soda, no eating after 7 pm, 5 a day fruits and veggies, no snacks except fruits and veggies, writing down my food/calories, and now no sweets). I haven't been perfect on the challenges. I've struggled with the fruits and veggies, and finding time to write things down has been tough. But I HAVE stopped the eating just because crap.

So I ask you...should NOT my body LOVE me for this and help me out by shedding a few of those unwanted, unnecessary, unseemly, UGLY fat pounds?? The answer, my friends, should be a resounding yes. But unfortunately for me, my body says NO! I LOVE the fat and want to keep it. Stupid body.  

You know what it's done? It's shed a MEASLEY 2 pounds since beginning this training on Jan. 1st. Just 2 pounds! On Saturday it was 3 pounds, but today when I weighed, it was back to just 2. Two. T-W-O. Dos. A Couple. Twins. A pair. 

Now, I'm not giving up, but I'm telling you my motivation and dedication are wavering in the face of this stubborn body of mine. I am biking, swimming, running, and weight training diligently and getting no results. For the love of all that's holy, people, what's wrong with me??

Never fear. I shall persevere, and eventually I will wear my body down so that I will be the champion. I WILL lose the weight, and I WILL look hot...eventually. Wish me luck, though, because right now my body is laughing at me and holding those two pounds in front of my face with a taunting jeer saying: "See these, sucker? I want them back, and I'm not giving up any more!" And I'm trying with all my might to look that body in the eye and stare it down with fierceness and shout back: "2 pounds is 2 pounds, jerk! Just watch out because IT. IS. ON!"

But I'm kinda struggling...

I need a boost. This will all work for me eventually, right? 

Or should I just blame it all on that blasted diabetes?! Ya...that's the reason....



The Stockton Family said...

Jenny, you are so funny! It sounds like you are working really hard at it though! That's a lot more than I'm doing with all this extra baby fat! Keep at it, you'll see results soon. Props to you for staying strong!

Smith Family said...

I can see how frustrated you must be! Dang, you have been working so hard! I'm sure that before you know it, those stubborn pounds are going to drop like crazy. Good for you not giving up!

I'd love to make you a bow board or two! Sophie's is 16 x 20 and is way too full of bows. I haven't made it around to making another one for her. Do you like that size? If you want a smaller canvas I could do that too. Let me know the size and if you want one or two. Do you like how I used so many different types ribbons or would you just want a few? Maybe if you emailed me a picture of her bedding so I could get an idea of what her room looked like and the exact colors.

Allyson & Jere said...

Ok, the funniest part of that was, two, dos, twins, a pair, or whatever you said, it was just hilarious and I laughed. Great post! I FEEL your pain sister. Bodies and weight suck the big pooper! But, here's to more weight falling off as we continue to work our collective arses off. Love you and stuff! Hang in there!

✩Molly✩ said...

be sure to keep measuring because you have probably lost inches, and your fat is turning into hot sexy muscle! (can you tell i used to work for a company that sold weight loss products?)

Anyway, you are great, I applaud your effort, and am sure that soon, you will see results on the scale. E2TE they say.

LanaBanana said...

I completely sympathize with this injustice you speak of. When Dane was about 6 months, Staci and I started a work out regime that was going to get us ready for going to California together when Porter graduated. We were going to be beach hot. Seriously, between November and May, I lost about um...3 pounds. And I still had some baby weight to lose. I had pants that I was struggling to get on. Do you think my body noticed that I was going to spin classes, running 4 miles at a time or anything??? Not really. But I will say that I noticed I was definitely shapely in a more attractive way than I'd been postpartem. So, there were changes that happened, just not on the scale. And in the next year, I lost about 8-10 more. Weird. But sometimes it takes a long time of butt kicking before the body responds in the ways we expect. I'm really jealous of all the "fun" you guys are having in this. :) And I'm really proud of all of you for being so COOL!!!!! :)

ZippityDoDaw said...

It is obnoxious that our bodies have a mind of their own. We can work so hard and see so few numerical rewards. That 2 is the beginning of beautiful things. Dost thou forget you already did a big weight loss endeavor not long ago? You are working on the "harder" pounds.

The diabetic factor absolutely poses a challenge. Who knows for sure how the sugar highs and lows between insulin injections will impact storage and utilization of carbohydrates?!!

Hang in there!!!