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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 Miles Baby!!

So yea. I'm innocently walking my class back from PE this morning when one of the 6th grade teachers comes walking down the hallway and asks me what I'm doing this weekend. Well. This isn't just any 6th grade teacher. This is the MARATHON RUNNING 6th grade teacher. Ya...she did the New York marathon this year, the PF Chang's, the Rock'n Roll, and just 2 weeks ago an ULTRA marathon, which is 31 stinking miles. She's pretty amazing.

So I was a little concerned about where this question was leading, but I told her I wasn't doing anything. So she asked........if I wanted to join her group for the Ragnar Relay. What the heck is the Ragnar Relay you ask?  Well, it starts in Prescott. There are 12 people on a team (or 6 if you're super crazy and like torture), and you each take turns running different legs of the race. Not little legs mind you. Big fat legs. Until you make it back to Mesa about 36 hours later. Non stop. 

She told me I would be doing the shortest leg. That would be 4 miles---3 different times! One of them even in the middle of the night.  I told her that a runner, I am not. Yes, I've been training for a triathalon, but the running is seriously my weakest area. My downfall, if you will. But I told her I'd think about it.

Well, the thing is I couldn't stop thinking about it. CRAZY. WHY was I even thinking about it? The last time I ran 4 miles in a row was in high school! But, it kept poking its way back to the front of my brain. Plus, she's hilarious and I knew we'd have a blast. So I told her I would do it. WHAT??? Am I insane? Possibly.

We leave Friday morning at 4:20 am (yep), and we won't stop or get home until Saturday  night. I will run 3 different times, the first 3.6 miles, the second 4.6 miles, and the last 4.2 (I think). 

I decided that I better just try out a run at the gym tonight to see if I could seriously do this without completely dying. (I did assure her that I was a crappy runner and I'd probably have to walk, and she told me it was fine. Apparently our team is called the "Halfast" group...half the speed, twice the fun...which is great for me! But really they're all part of this running club, and I am definitely not).

I decide I'm going for 4 miles (are we remembering here that the last time that happened was almost 20 years ago???).  I turned on my iPod, set the speed for 5.5, and off I went. I upped it to 6.0, then 6.5, and wouldn't you know it...I ran FOUR MILES! In a row. With only a SLIGHT stop for speed walking halfway through. And guess how long it took me? 45 minutes and 35 seconds. That's about an 11 minute mile in case you didn't want to figure out the math. Seriously? I have NOT been pushing myself hard enough apparently, because I did it! And I felt good! I was tired, yes. But I did it.

The funny thing is I've "hated" running for so long that I never gave it a chance. This made me think I might not actually hate it after all.  I can't explain the euphoria felt after that accomplishment tonight. Am I still scared to death for this weekend? YES. But at least I know I can do it. It is possible. And I won't die.  

Who knows? Maybe after this triathalon I'll join that running club. Nothing seems impossible anymore. I did it. I'm proud.

But let's hope I'm still alive on Sunday. :)


The Fischbeck's said...

Good for you! Yes running is definitely a love hate relationship---SUCH a good feeling after you've done it (even if you want to barf while you are doing it)

I have a couple of sister in laws doing that relay this weekend. They asked me to do it and I thought they were NUTS! You go girl!

Dana said...

Wow, wow, wow!! A-freaking-mazing. You're the third person I've heard of in a group doing that relay this weekend. Diane's cousin is subbing for someone and her three legs sounded positively dreadful. (Each one was "very difficult", "moderately difficult", etc.) So, you're missing a day of school to run, huh? This triathlon will be CAKE for you! Did I mention that I stood up for a few pedals during my spin class?? Yea, pick your jaw up off of the floor...I'm 'amazing', HAH!

Allyson & Jere said...

WOW! Good for you! I'm really proud of you, 'cause that was a great accomplishment! I still think your a bit daft for doing the relay, but you go girl!

Allyson & Jere said...

WOW! Good for you! I'm really proud of you, 'cause that was a great accomplishment! I still think your a bit daft for doing the relay, but you go girl!

LanaBanana said...

Yeah, let's hold off on joining the club until AFTER Saturday night!! You realize that you'll be doing a half-marathon by the end of your three legs!? That is amazing. How long do you get to rest in between each leg?

I'm really proud of you for undertaking such a challenge with a can-do attitude. Lots of our assumptions about our abilities are mental, for sure. You're a superhero!

Jason and Kate said...

Look at you go! I have a few friends doing that relay. It sounds so fun to me. You will definitely get your "5" miles in from Dixie's challenge. Did she tell you that I might do SheRox in May. I really want to but am terrified of the open water swim!! I just might die of drowning.

Dixiechick said...

I think you are brilliant for doing this relay this weekend. The only way to prove to yourself that you can do things is to do them. And you CAN do them. And you will feel like a superhero when you are done. I'm jealous you are doing this. I only recently discovered that I like running...I always thought I hated it and wasn't a runner too. I finally gave it a chance and viola, love it! Good luck, you'll do awesome!

Sarah S. Foote said...

Very impressive, good for you. Good luck with this great adventure.

Jonathan and Mandi Crandell said...

Way to go! There's nothing quite like a 'runner's high'. Good Luck this weekend. I can't wait to hear how AWESOME you do!

Erock! said...

AWESOME!!! That is great. The best I've done is go 3 miles without stoping. I can't say I've ever found the love for running, but I appreciate it a lot more. Keep it up and you'll be doing marathon's before you know it.

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW! YOU GO GIRL!! That is really amazing Jenny! Really, I am super impressed. Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear about it.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Good for you!!! Wow, you took the 5 mile challenge to a whole new level!

I am going to be shocked if you don't kill us this week in our challenge!!!

Hope to hear all about it!!! Especially that night run...