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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sibling Gifts

Alright, so this isn't Christmas Part Deux yet...but I forgot about a gift I wanted to share.  This year I decided that my kids needed to focus more on the giving, and that we needed to put more of our heart and soul into that and not just grab any old thing from the store. So, we decided to make gifts for each other.  I helped them look online for ideas, and sort of "nudged" them in a particular direction.  Needless to say they all ended up making the same gift for each other, but they were each unique.  We made fleece blankets.  I took each child separately to JoAnne's to get the fleece and they picked it out.  Then they made them.  Cooper had Carter, so he chose SpongeBob fleece (perfect), Carter had Brooklyn so he chose princess fleece (another perfect choice), and Brooklyn had Cooper, so we chose pirate/skull/treasure map type fleece.  Again, perfect. (I knew that cuz when we were choosing for Carter, Cooper said how much he loved it). Before Christmas Cooper ruined it for everyone by showing the fabric to Carter and telling him.  I was SO MAD!!! But, I got over it (sort of) and we went through with it anyway.  Just so you know, they were truly awesome gifts that they had to put a lot of time and effort into, and that they use every single day! (Alright, so Cooper's turned out the best...what can I say? Brooklyn's a natural blanket maker! :) Here's a picture of the 3 in their warm and lovingly made fleece blankets:


azandersens said...

I love the need, want, wish idea. It is hard for me not to go out of control at Christmas too. The blanket idea was great too. Can't wait to see you at b.c. next week. :)

Smith Family said...

What a fabulous idea! The Young Women made these at Girls Camp last summer to give away to people in need, and they are such great projects!