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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cooper as the new VP

So this year Cooper decided that he would run for Student Council Vice President.  I was nervous for several reasons.  #1 I don't want my child to be devastated if he doesn't make it ( but I also know that I can't stop him from trying, and that it's OK to try for something and just makes me sad to think of them being sad....anyway, you get the point).  #2 He has some serious behavior issues and problems, and I was very worried that if he did make it, it wouldn't last long (turns out I had much more reason to be worried about this).  

Regardless of this, I told him I would help.  So we made him a poster, made him campaign stickers to pass out, and so it began.  The problem for me was that I could NOT for the life of me come up with a speech for him.  I knew it needed to be funny and not the totally lame: "I will be a good vice president because..." kind of thing.  Finally, the night before the elections I was desperate.  I called Lana because I figured she would probably have some great ideas.  I told her what I was trying to do and that I had been thinking about it for a week and couldn't come up with anything.  5 minutes later (yes that's right...5 MINUTES LATER) she calls me back and says: "So, I typed up a speech, tell me what you think."  Wow.  Needless to say, it was brilliant, Cooper performed it brilliantly (with some BRILLIANT coaching from his mother), and he WON!!!!  (He even got cut off before he could finish the speech because it was longer than 1 minute...and he still won!)  So, here's the speech:

Cooper’s student council election speech:

 This morning I was pretty nervous as I got up to face this day.  I mean, it’s a HUGE day for me.  I’m gearing up to be the next VICE-PRESIDENT of Student Council.  Wow…think of the doors this could open for me.  The next step is lobbying in Washington for rights for….um, for the power to…um, for political stuff.  Next step, supreme Jourt Custice...I mean Court Justice.  Anyway, you get the idea, I have big dreams, and this day is the start of something special. 


So, I started out by doing some daily affirmations in the mirror after carefully flossing my teeth.  (I’ll have to give you my speech on the importance of good dental hygiene some other day…)  Anyway!  Here’s what I told the Me in the mirror:


  1. Cooper, you’re one handsome kid……(pause)  What?  I gotta give myself a little power boost to get going, don’t I?


    2. You need to make some changes around here.  You have some good ideas.  (Like Quarter Sales...I want them back.  And Agent WannaBe--I wanna see you more often!) 


  1. You’re good enough, smart enough, and dog gonnit, People LIKE YOU…oh my gosh, am I growing nose hair?!?!?!  Um…moving on.


The point is, the 2008-2009 school year is starting off so well.  We have the power to make it what we want.  I want you to have great memories, I want you to have FUN, and I want you to vote for Cooper Crandell for Vice President…..and man, I want a snickers!  Uh…..  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Is it any wonder he won??  Thank you Lana!  So any of you needing student council speeches for your kids, Lana is the one to call.  She's booked through the Presidential Elections, but after that I'm sure she'll be free. :)


LadyCarma said...

Cute write up Jenny. Tell Cooper congrats on the big win. Next thing he'll know, he will be the senior class president and in charge of all the reunions for the next 70 years!
I keep telling people how talented Lana is! Now you are a believer too!

Sarah Foote said...

Yeah for Cooper! Fabulous speech. With the Crandell-Shumway support staff, Cooper can be whatever he wants!

LanaBanana said...

That was a fun post! Thanks for all the praise, but truthfully, if I hadn't been thinking of Cooper's funny style, I wouldn't have been able to come up with anything. I knew he'd be able to really sell it. :)

Amanda said...

I know this is a REALLY old post but Ally is running for St Council this year and I remembered seeing this awhile ago. We came back to get a few ideas. Cute speech! Thanks!!!