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Sunday, April 3, 2011

B is for Brooklyn's Baking Birthday Bash!

 See this cute little girl?  That's my Brooklyn. She turned 5 on March 12, and to celebrate we had a big birthday bash! (She got the new pink outfit, and I did her hair in a cool little updo, too!)  We decided to have a baking party, so we called it: "Brooklyn's Baking Birthday Bash."  My mom is wonder woman with a sewing machine, and since I have no spare time in my insane life (and I don't sew even if I DID have spare time), she just whipped up 13 super cute aprons for all the little chefs who came over.
 Here's Brooklyn and Cousin Jayce modeling the boy/girl apron styles for us!

 And here are the 5 cousins together: Dane, Morgan, Maggie, Brooklyn, and Jayce. Aren't they cute??

Brooklyn is modeling the chef hat along with the apron here. 

When the kids arrived they each got to decorate their own chef hat and put on their apron. Our first major activity after that was to dip little Rhodes rolls in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, then place them in tiny little bread loaf pans.  Each child got to take home a perfect little cinnamon bread when we were done. It made our house smell delicious! :)

While the bread was cooking we had a little dance party! Each child got a baby food jar filled with heavy whipping cream and we shook those babies to the sound of Justin Bieber and made BUTTER! This was so cute. The kids really got into it, and couldn't believe it when their milk turned into butter.  They got to take that home to eat with their delicious cinnamon bread!

Next we went back to the table to make our lunch.  We did "pigs in a blanket" by wrapping hot dogs with crescent rolls and putting them on little wooden skewers. We baked these in the oven and then enjoyed them with carrots/celery, chips, gogurts, and caprisuns. They were certainly not starving at this party!! (While those cooked we played a little game with utensils...but no pics). 

We also played "Pin the Moustache on the Chef."  I have a friend at work who is an artist, so she just whipped up a little chef guy for me and voila! Party game!  This was cute because they each had a different colored moustache and I would call out a different color each time and they couldn't wait until their color was called.  It was nice to be able to see whose moustache landed where also. :)  My favorite was Morgan's...totally on the wall NEXT to the poster, not even near the face!

 Here are the 5 cousins again...Maggie is 3, but the others were born March, June, July, and August of the same year. They have so much fun together!

 Morgan (love the moustache on the wall!)
Isobelle (Brooklyn's bestie) :)

After the game they ate their lunch (and were stuffed!) and then they decorated "Cookie Monsters."  There was just so much darn food at this chef party (which makes sense, right??) but they were so full from all of that, that NO ONE had room for cupcakes!  I got Brooklyn this cute little "cupcake cake" and we sang and she blew out her candle...and then no one ate any! (My girls at church were happy the next day when they got to eat them instead!)

 Santa brought Brooklyn the wrong pillow pet for Christmas (the lady bug) and she was a very good sport about it...but she REALLY wanted the unicorn.  So, I helped her out for her birthday!
She also really wanted a DS.  Seriously? You're 5. A DS? I think not. So instead, she got the age appropriate Leapster! Much more 5 year old friendly, and a heck of a lot cheaper to boot!

Overall I would call the day a smashing success, and I had a 5 year old little princess who was happy as could be.  (I could have NEVER done this without my mom and my sisters, and my friend Julie, so a MILLION thank yous to them)!  

When she woke up that morning she came in to me and said: "Mom! Look at how tall I grew! I am 5 and now I am so much taller!"  (She's amazon height already, so she really is tall...but not any taller than when she went to sleep the night before).  All day she would tell anyone who would listen that she was 5. "I don't have to sleep with the light on anymore because I am 5." "I LOVE being 5 it is the best!!!"  She was adorable the whole day.  She was happy, excited, and very much the most perfect little 5 year old I could've ever asked for. 

This girl is infected with Bieber Fever for sure! She will tell anyone who will listen that she LOVES Justin Bieber! And she can sing all the words to his songs (on key and quite well, I might add), she sat through the movie just enthralled with every bit of it (and sang along in the theatre as well), and she will sing and dance to his music any chance she gets.  She cannot wait to go to Zaharis and be in kindergarten next year, and is also quite thrilled to be starting piano and dance in the fall. She will also be starting swim team this year, and I have a feeling this is the one who will actually be a champion.  (My boys just never really got into it like I had hoped...I make them swim on the city league every summer, but they're just not that fast, and they just don't seem to care. :( Boo).  But this girl?  She's got some very natural talents in all areas, and I can see the athleticism in her already.  I sure love my Brookie Doodle! Happy Birthday babe!


Smith Family said...

Oh my gosh! That is just the cutest party! You were brave with all those little guys over! Seriously, it looked like a blast! Brooklyn is just adorable! Who's she going to have next year for K? I think that's going to be so hard for me to decide the following year and years!

Allyson & Jere said...

Yep, it was a smashing success for sure. Next food, they didn't care anyway. I personally was laughing at the progression of Maggies hair. Up and cute to down and tousseled. She thought she was queen of the ball for being there. And Brooklyn WAS quite pleased and adorable with her newfound FIVE status.

LanaBanana said...

Great pictures! I loved seeing it all. Cute ideas too. The moustache pictures gave me a good little chuckle.

azandersens said...

Izzy has been singing "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh" ever since the party. She had so much fun!