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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Oh how I heart Insulindependence and the people I have the privilege to associate with! Last weekend I was able to go to Carlsbad, CA to spend a few days with my favorite people in the world. 6 of the 9 Triabetes captains were there, but along with them were 83 diabetic runners that I got to talk to and hang out with. How cool is that??

I arrived Friday night at around 7 and was picked up from the airport by Dan Vincent  and Sarah Hankel (2 of the captains). We went to the hotel to pick up Andrea Huston and then it was off to meet a bunch of people for dinner.  We had such a great time just catching up with everyone. Brian Phelps (another captain) was at a different dinner with his triabuddy, Zyler, who was receiving a reward, but Christian Chiappe met us there. It was so great to see everyone!

Saturday was a FULL day. It started off in Legoland where they had the kids 1 mile fun run. Brian and his triabuddy Zyler were running in that, so we went to cheer them on. What a cool event! I wish my triabuddy would have been able to be there. I feel bad because she hasn't been able to be at any of the events we've had, so I feel like she's not really getting what this organization is about, and what it can do for her. I hope she can get to know the other triabuddies in St. George and that it will be a positive experience for her, because from what I have seen everyone who has had a chance to spend time with the other diabetics has had a life changing experience.

After the fun run we went to the beach where we met up with about 100 people for surfing, eating, and fun. I didn't surf (cause I've never surfed in my life before), but I had a great time meeting new people and talking to some I hadn't seen for a while.  If it hadn't been cold (well, relatively speaking), and I didn't have a race the next day, I might have tried it...but no. :) Knowing me I probably would've broken something!

Here is Sarah, me, and Veronica Diaz (who is a diabetic nutrition expert. She worked with us in Florida).

Later we went to an endurance expo, then to the Carlsbad expo to pick up our race packets, and then on to the Insulindependence dinner.  It was so much fun! Andrea bought these shirts for all the captains that were there (unfortunately Brian had already left when we finally got a picture), but this is one of my favorite pictures! We joked about being "relentlessly awesome" the rest of the time. (And I actually chanted that to myself as I was running the next day...) :)
Christian, Sarah, me, Andrea, Dan

Sunday morning was the actual half marathon. I was REALLY hoping to get a sub 2 hour half marathon. My first 1/2 I got 2:06, so I figured that a year later I better be a lot stronger and faster than that. Dan decided he'd be nice and pace me (he's like crazy fast, and would have just killed the half but he was so kind to run with a slow poke like me!)  I had NO IDEA how freaking hilly Carlsbad was!!  We started out strong. I was running some sub 8 minute miles at times. Mostly it ranged between 8 and 8:45 the first several miles. But man, as the hills just kept coming and coming and coming, I just couldn't keep that up.  I was struggling, and I was frustrated with myself, but kept pushing through. I seriously wanted to quit and walk so much. I did walk a few times up some crazy hills and just through the aid stations to drink water. But mostly I ran. I ended up averaging about 9:03 through the whole thing, which made me finish in 2:02.  :( Boo. 3 minutes slower than my goal.  3 minutes is quite a bit of time. If I could have stayed up with Dan I could have done it, but I just didn't have it in me that day. Oh well! Gives me something to work for next time!  If I had done it on the same course in Arizona, I KNOW I would've gotten my goal. That race was flat. This was HILLY.  Beautiful along the coast, but hilly.  As we all know, hills are of the devil and I hate them. Oy.  St. George is all hills.....

Here are some pics for you to enjoy:
 Dan, Sarah, and I pre-race
 Chris Jarvis (an Olympic rower!) and Andrea

 Andrea and me. We finished only like 3 minutes apart!

 Saci and Igor
 Coach Andrew, and Kyle. Andrew won his age group...after ditching shoes he borrowed that were 1 size too small, getting shoes from a random stranger in the crowd, and carrying the shoe that had the timing chip on it! :) Kind of amazing!

 Me with my awesome pacer and fellow triabetes captain, Dan

 Ryan Maloney and his past triabuddy Steve. Ryan is amazing! He did the half marathon!! (He's 11 or 12. crazy, huh?)

 Julie and Scott Sekella. I just watched her complete Ironman Arizona. She did amazing!!

 Emily Ianello and Gary Schmidt

 These are Andrew's toenails after running 18 miles in shoes a size too small. Ouch! He lost the toenail...

 Jennifer Davino (from New York) and me

 me, Dan, and Jen Davino

Sarah, Andrea, me, and Dan after the race! So glad it's over!!

Overall I had one of the very best weekends of my life! I don't race on Sunday. I don't ever do that. But from  now on I will make Carlsbad a yearly event because I think supporting Insulindependence, and in return being supported by all these amazing people is a top priority for me. They've changed my life! I love them!


Blair said...

:) You're awesome Jenny!

mschmidt said...

It was great meeting you! Congrats on your 1/2! I looked at your pictures and your Brooklyn and my Belle look like 2 peas in a pod. Looking forward to following your St. George progress. You rock!!!

Mindy Schmidt

Brian Phelps said...

This past weekend was a great experience and it will probably be an annual event for us also. It will also be the longest run of each year from now on. My only regret is not getting to spend more time with my teammates (you guys). I had an opportunity to spend time with my brother and Zyler and I had to take it.

Allyson & Jere said...

So glad you had such a good time! You really are amazing, as are these people who run races with too small shoes and the like. Sheesh!

I'm proud of you.

Greg and Tammy said...

AWESOME race!! Congrats on the success. Looks like a fun time (besides the hills...). :) Good to see you Saturday.

Brian Phelps said...

Dan has to be one of the nicest people that I have ever met. I am still waiting to see a running race time from him. I saw that he did his 15 miles yesterday in just under (?) two hours yesterday for a Zone 1 run. I did mine in just OVER 3 hours. BTW, who is in that photo in the "About Me" section of your blog ;->?